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Log & Pole Chassis

Log & Pole

PRATT pole trailers are specifically engineered for the transportation of long timber, poles, logs, steel beams, piping, and various other materials. Commonly known as "pipe trailers" or "log trailers," these trailers serve a pivotal role in the logging industry. The PRATT high capacity straight frame log trailer, in particular, offers a robust platform tailored for transporting heavier wood while maintaining a reduced tare weight.

Within the logging sector, log trailers are indispensable tools, facilitating the movement of large quantities of timber with remarkable ease. They serve as vital components in the timber transportation process, aiding in the transfer of harvested logs from the site of extraction to processing facilities.


Designed with precision, PRATT log trailers boast specialized features aimed at ensuring efficient and secure log transport. Their robust build and unique characteristics guarantee stability during transit, minimizing the risk of accidents due to load shifting. By securely harnessing the logs in place, these trailers safeguard both the operators and the integrity of the transported timber. This, in turn, reduces potential damage and optimizes the value of the harvested logs.

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