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Heavy Haul Chassis

Heavy Haul

Heavy haul trailers, also referred to as lowboy, drop, or double-drop trailers, are primarily utilized for transporting tall freight that exceeds the legal maximum of 8'. Crafted with a central well and elevated platfroms on either end, lowboy trailers feature a drop deck configuration that can legally accommodate loads too tall for standard flatbeds. This design allows them to efficiently transport heavy equipment such as bulldozers.

PRATT specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom heavy haul products tailored to specific requirements. We ensure that all our products are engineered with a minimum safety factor of 2.7:1, surpassing the industry's typical minimum yield strength of 80,000 or 50,000 lbs. PRATT maintains a minimum yield strength of 100,000 lbs. for our main structures.


PRATT offers a low-profile design known as RGN (Removable Gooseneck), engineered to enhance load clearance and durability. Equipped with axles and running gear components rated to handle a standard GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) of 24,700 lbs, our trailers feature dropped bolsters on the rear bridge capable of accommodating payloads of 65,000 lbs per pair. Additionally, PRATT provides various heavy haul accessories, including flip axles, flip couplers, and nitro stringers, among others. PRATT is heavy haul over the long haul. 

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