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Truss & Modular Chassis

Truss Trailers

PRATT has been the forerunner in the truss trailer industry with over 60% of the market. PRATT truss trailers are the most durable in the country with features including: galvanized head board, galvanized single piece hydraulic pump and motor, galvanized extended frame and chairs, and numerous other options to make the job easy for everyone.

PRATT offers roll of trailers, lumber dumpers, fixed, and expandable truss trailers. Our trailers range in length from a 36' x 96" pintle hood roll off to a 53' x 104" expandable truss. 

Modular Home Trailers

PRATT's modular home trailer division has set the industry standard for carrying pre-fabricated homes across the USA. PRATT offers various lengths of modular trailers with the longest extending up to 72'. If your trailer needs to extend this length, PRATT will partner with you in designing a custom trailer to meet the demands of your specific operation. The arms of the Modular Trailer extend up to 9' to hold 14' - 15' wide blocks.

PRATT's modular trailers are available in three separate configurations. Fifth-wheel, pintle hook, and the hydraulic neck configurations.

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