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Flatbed & Platform

Flatbed & Platform

Flatbed trailers stand as a crucial element within the transportation and logistics sector, renowned for their unmatched adaptability and efficiency in ferrying a diverse array of goods. Their open deck, devoid of sides or a roof, facilitates the transportation of oversized items or machinery that might not fit in a standard enclosed trailer. This design grants seamless loading and unloading from any side, rendering them exceptionally effective for specific cargo types.

PRATT's platform division boasts an extensive range of flatbeds, step decks, double drops, curtain sides, fixed, and expandable chassis to cater to varied transportation needs. These flatbeds are offered in two primary configurations: all steel and aluminum/steel hybrid chassis.


Opting for the all steel configuration ensures customers longevity and durability. On the other hand, the aluminum/steel hybrid provides a lighter alternative while retaining many benefits associated with steel integration in its design. PRATT does not produce any all-aluminum flatbeds due to our findings in testing, which revealed that an all-aluminum chassis was prone to bending and cracking, consequently reducing the trailer chassis's lifespan.

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