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GSL412 Container Chassis

50th Aniversary GSL412

The newest in a long line of innovative intermodal chassis, the GSL412 is being introduced in commemoration of the company’s 50th anniversary

The GSL 412 represents Pratt’s renewed commitment to our customers and their needs, a core value that extend all the way back to the company’s founder 50 years ago. The new GSL 412 embodies our customer commitment by addressing their needs to maximize load capacity, reduce fuel consumption – all in a robust and highly-functional chassis design that will stand the test of time.

700 pounds lighter than previous models and has been engineered to be remarkably strong for its 4,550-pound weight profile, the new GSL 412 maintains the same structural integrity as preceding generations of Pratt chassis, and end users can further reduce the new chassis’s weight to 4,450 pounds, saving another 100 pounds by switching from standard dual tires to super singles.  

End users can feel confident that they are buying the most advanced, lightweight intermodal chassis out there, and that we will continue to support that chassis for another 50 years,

50th Aniversary GSL412
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